Our powertrain can be used across multiple sectors is completely bespoke. Whether it’s for carrying tourists across glaciers or installing a new power network, we’ve got you covered.

Fire & Safety

Our electric fire and safety tenders core purpose is to remain on standby at airports in case of emergency.

These vehicles will be equipped for tool carrying and fire fighting (including a water tank) but also personnel (fire fighters) carrying to the scene of an accident on the airfield.

Adventure Tourism

As travelers seek new and different experiences, adventure tourism continues to grow in popularity.

Imagine being able to supply a completely electric off roading experience to customers who want to see the World in an Earth-conscious manner whilst also reducing your own costs and carbon footprint…


Equipped to carry personnel, small loads, tools and commonly fitted with a hiab, these vehicles are suitable for quick response maintenance situations.

Our utility vehicle makes emergency disruptions made easy to deal with and provides access to off-road, countryside scenarios.

Save costs and work faster


Fully electric – significantly reducing the harmful pollutants we inhale


Save up to 40% on fuel: less parts to maintain and staff to manage


Robust, reliable and fewer moving parts means less servicing and breakdowns


Easier off-road access and increased personnel and tool carrying capacity